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Yes, just over 1 year ago I was working 2 full-time jobs after dropping out of high-school. I thought to myself, I will be rich one day...I just need to work hard. The two jobs I worked at the time were sales jobs, I would literally stand inside Costco and try to sell Ladders to you! I wasn't that bad either, this time of my life really put into perspective of what I want to be doing. Around the same time, I started my own online business that was generating $1,200/month. The income was not huge but I decided to double down and quit both of my jobs within a week to pursue the entrepreneurial dream. Now I was a High-School drop-out, with no family thought I was crazy and every friend I had was out in the Fraternity Universities, and I can tell you honestly I was jealous.   
Dwindling on the small amount of success I was having from the $1,200 income from the business I had started, I doubled down and within 60 days my revenue had tripled. I was actually making about what a teacher in my school district makes, this gave me a little confidence in myself. Knowing that you can create an impact on a situation can make you a powerful business-owner. At this point I was interested in scaling even larger, my first gig capped out at about $5,000/monthly working about 15 hours/week. Which was incredible for me, but my concentration levels were low, I wanted to find a new gig. Actually, one of the companies I assist with marketing currently, loaned my friend and me $1,200 for 5% of a project we were starting. The stipulations were very flat-ended if the project doesn't succeed he was entitled to zero compensation. After burning about $850 it was time to try another project. We buckled down, and within 2-month's my life has been changed forever. 
Month 1 - $15,540
Month 2- $29,423
Month 3 - $89,938
 Soon after, I abandoned this project and have since started multiple successful companies and offer marketing services to a variety of clients. I really want to show you my journey and how I created a self-sustainable life where I can travel with my girlfriend and puppy around the world.  
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